Arlington Reckless Driving Attorney

Conviction of reckless driving in Virginia can have serious consequences. In other states, the traffic violation is not included in a crime depicting serious charges. However, in Alexandria, reckless driving and traffic violation is serious offence leading to severe punishments, fines, tickets, imprisonment, decreasing of driving points and even revocation of the driving license. A permanent public record is maintained on the person upon pleading guilty which means that there would be hindrance in the future aspects of life of a person including employment, higher education as well as settling in a house.

To avoid the consequences of reckless driving charges, a person may hire a reckless driving attorney. Different law firms provide competent and experienced attorneys to deal with the case of charge in the court.

Traffic violation acts:

In Alexandria, following acts in driving are considered as reckless driving or violation of traffic rules:

  1. Driving at speed higher than the limit.
  2. Recklessly overtaking
  3. Moving in and out of the lanes frequently.
  4. Failing to yield emergency vehicles.
  5. Driving without using proper signals.
  6. Stopping in front of school buses that drop off or pick children.

In case of convicting any of the above mentioned acts, a person may be charged by the government according to the set rules. These may include simple fines, tickets or a larger amount of fine. The fine may not be affordable for everyone to pay, also, the charges of imprisonment and driving license suspension leads to many future related problems. Most of the people face the most stressful time of their life and does not know how to get themselves out from the situation that has occurred. The most simple and sane solution of this is to get assistance by a competent attorney that is skilled in providing free consultation as well as can work to provide the solution of the current situation.

An attorney, specifically the reckless driving attorney helps in this situation by minimizing the charges. He does so by challenging the evidence that is provided against the person being convicted of the reckless driving charges and tries to provide explanation upon reducing the charges. Experienced and competent reckless driving attorneys closely study the case being placed before them to provide better justification in front of the judge in court.

Upon pleading not guilty, the fine imposed on the person, the tickets as well as other punishment may be reduced or eliminated at all. However, in case of pleading guilty, the person convicted of reckless driving charges had to pay the ticket within the prescribed times which have been mentioned on the tickets. The procedure is also displayed on the tickets and is to be followed in order to pay the ticket. Different methods of ticket payment can be used including online, by hand or mailing procedures. In case of loss of tickets, online systems can be used which majorly is the official website of the court handling the case, logging into the system and locate the ticket by name or case number.