Arlington Reckless Driving Attorney

Conviction of reckless driving in Virginia can have serious consequences. In other states, the traffic violation is not included in a crime depicting serious charges. However, in Alexandria, reckless driving and traffic violation is serious offence leading to severe punishments, fines, tickets, imprisonment, decreasing of driving points and even revocation of the driving license. A … Read more

Virginia reckless driving by speed

In Virginia, if a driver is found speeding in a careless manner he/she would be handed a reckless driving ticket rather than a speeding ticket. It is important to understand when a person would be charged with a reckless driving ticket and the difference between reckless driving ticket and a speeding ticket. Difference between reckless … Read more

What are the Sexual Abuse Laws in Maryland?

Every state penalizes Sexual Assault strictly, while in Maryland, sexual assault is known as sexual Abuse. According to the code of Maryland, sexual abuse is an unwanted sexual activity, which is performed either by force, threat or without the consent of the victim. While there are plenty of long-term impacts of the sexual abuse on … Read more

Find a Domestic Violence Attorney in Virginia

For lawful representation concerning domestic violence, a divorce attorney, criminal law attorney, or family law attorney can characterize you or your family in cases where you need legal provision. According to U.S Department of Justice, Domestic violence is an array of obnoxious behavior used by one spouse to gain or uphold control over another close … Read more

Online Soliciting- A Serious Sexual Offence in Virginia

With the increase of internet popularity and usage of wireless devices such as tablet and mobile phones, the governing bodies all over has observed increase in criminal activities. Therefore, governing bodies throughout the globe had to amend certain laws to strengthen the Soliciting- A Serious Sexual Offence in Virginia criminal laws against any such activities … Read more


Key provisions for the Virginia State for speed laws include; maximum posted speed limit under 70 mph, which the automated speed enforcement is expressly prohibited by statutory provision. This could lead to a maximum fine of $2500 or a 12 months jail time. Licensing actions can include suspension or revocation for racing on highways, aggressive … Read more