Choosing the Right Agent for Hassle-Free Property Selling in Fairfax Virginia

Over the past years, Fairfax County of Virginia has experienced expeditious growth and development. With rise in trade and development in Fairfax, Virginia, the buying and selling of properties has remarkably increased. There are numerous reasons for selling your home. If you are moving to a new location for advancing career, changing residence to a bigger place, going to travel the world, or want to sell an income producing property in Fairfax, Virginia, then you might be needing some professional assistance, best prices, and the least hassle.

Choosing a Good Listen Agent

While most of the Fairfax, Virginia home sellers prefer to pick an agent who takes the lowest commission and highest listing price, both these criteria does not guarantee the professionalism of the agent. Here is the reason why this is so.

  • Property Listing Price

It is highly prevailing misconception that an agent is incompetent to provide you a strong and sturdy indication of the property value. Since they purchase and sell properties on a daily basis, they have all the real estate market knowledge.

We have a close acquaintance with home selling and buying and that is why we know that few the agents misrepresent the sales price with the intention to get the listing.

The agent is likely to be dishonest who offers the highest listing price, because an estate agent can never promise the sales price. In order to prevent yourself from getting involved in deceitful partnership, we highly recommend that ask for facts and statistics in support for the suggestion offered by doubtful agents.

It is also advisable to select sales agents that offers a range of prices. Prices can go up to $10,000 and more depending on the present market temperature, home features and condition, and the location of the property.

  • Low Commission

It has been observed that real estate agents or brokers who earns less sales commission in comparison to other market agents may choose to do this for a reason. The single most reason for doing this is to stand apart from the crowd. Unquestionably, competing in a hyper-sensitive and overly competitive Virginia market, many agents are unable to provide exceptional customer service. Additionally, many agents do not have effective negotiation skills and knowledge base. Therefore, the only thing they can offer you is lesser prices.

If you find agents that offers cheap realtor fee then you should ask two questions: are they desperate for business or unqualified?

Nevertheless, there are few occasions where full time service agents ask for lower commission fee:

You prefer to do the advertising on your own and pay only for legal work. You simultaneously sell the old property and buy the new one through a single agent.

What sets us apart?

We strive to provide the best home selling experience to home owners residing in Fairfax, Virginia. Because we have a large pool of clients including buyers and sellers, our simple selling model is one of the fastest way for sellers to gain confidence that their residential property will be sold out without the hassle of renovation, realtors, huge commissions and fee, and most importantly several months of uncertainty.