DUI Attorney in Fredericksburg VA

Individuals from any walk of life can get involved with the charges for driving under the influence (DUI). Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered a criminal offense in Fredericksburg VA irrespective of the fact that either you are feeling intoxicated or not. Due to this fact, patrol officers and prosecutors usually tries to bring the offender under the strictest criminal consequences defined by the law. Even if you are a first time offender of DUI in Fredericksburg VA with no previous criminal history, still you can face the most severe punishments defined by the law. The cases of DUI in Fredericksburg VA are extremely complicated but a DUI attorney in Fredericksburg VA can help you in developing an effective defense strategy in order to help you in completely dismissal or reduction in the charge of DUI.

Fredericksburg VA considers DUI as an extremely serious criminal offense, similar to the rest of Virginia. Time is of great importance when you have been charged for DUI in Fredericksburg VA. The courts in Fredericksburg VA are most likely to handle the charge of DUI with a trial within 90 days of the offense date. At times the trial can come a little early and sometimes it can be happen a little later but whatever the date assigned, you will have an approximate period of 3 months on an average to consult with a DUI attorney in Fredericksburg VA and prepare your defense strategy.

It you have committed a standard first DUI in Fredericksburg VA, the possible punishment against the offense can be a imprisonment for up to 12 months however, in the most first cases of DUI with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level below 0.15, you may not get an active jail time. In some cases you may get a suspended jail time. You will also lose your license for up to a year for a first standard DUI offense in Fredericksburg VA. In most cases you will allowed to drive on a restricted license. The offense of DUI in Fredericksburg VA is also punishable by a fine of maximum $2500, however for a standard first DUI offense in Fredericksburg VA will be fined at $350.