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For lawful representation concerning domestic violence, a divorce attorney, criminal law attorney, or family law attorney can characterize you or your family in cases where you need legal provision. According to U.S Department of Justice, Domestic violence is an array of obnoxious behavior used by one spouse to gain or uphold control over another close partner. Violence is a main community health problem globally. Every years around millions of people decease as the result of harms due to violence. Many more endure their harms, but live with an everlasting disability.

In Virginia domestic violence is considered as a form of behavior and way to have control. It is a way to create a power pyramid in a relationship in which one spouse directs the other over physical violence or mental abuse. According to Virginia Law, family violence comprises five main sorts of abusive behaviors which includes:

  • Physical violence (slapping, hitting, kicking, pushing, biting or using weapon etc.)
  • Emotional abuse (intimidation or humiliation tactics)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Economic control
  • Neglect

According to Virginia Law, Section 19.2-81.3 allows the police officers to arrest without a warrant in case of domestic violence, if there is a possible cause for the suspected crime. While looking at domestic violence cases in Virginia it is also imperative to consider Section 16.1-228, which outlines that family abuse is an act which involves violence or threat towards other member of family which directly point towards injury. This section also contains holding the person against the will. The injuries might be mental, physical or emotional. This section also includes that a threat can also be taken as a form of abuse even if it is never fulfilled.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, it will leave a mark on your criminal record and will ruin your reputation, you might also have to deal with other undesirable consequences such as not being able to see your children and being forced out of your home. Our attorneys at SRIS Law Group can assist and support you throughout your case. Our attorneys are not just here to help you through the process, there are also here to bring your back to normal.

Finding a right family lawyer for your case could be a difficult task, particularly if you want to be certain that the lawyer has the necessary experience and skills to handle your case. At SRIS Law Group, we have experienced lawyers who can deliver outstanding services for domestic abuse cases. We encourage you to request a consultation with our lawyers and discuss your case. Our lawyers will make sure that you understand all of your options before going ahead with your case.

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