Homicide laws in Alexandria Virginia

  • 18.2-30 – Murder and manslaughter declared felonies

“Any person who commits capital murder, murder of the first degree, murder of the second degree, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, shall be guilty of a felony.”

Capital Murder

Capital murder is treated as a Class 1 felony. This is considered to be the most atrocious felony in the state of Virginia.

Section 18.2-31. An individual is guilty of capital murder if the individual intentionally, deliberately, and with premeditation:

  1. Kills someone while kidnapping or abducting (under Section 18.2-48) and having the intension to violate the victim or to extort money
  2. Hires someone else to kill an individual, who is found to successfully kill the victim;
  3. Kills an individual who is a prisoner in jail, or someone in a local correctional facility or a state;
  4. Kills someone while attempting to rob or during a robbery;
  5. Kills someone during or after an object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy or rape;
  6. Kills a law enforcement official, a firefighter, or an auxiliary police officer/deputy, as an to stop that law enforcement officer from carrying out their officer’s duties;
  7. Kills more than one individual in a same transaction or act;
  8. Kills no more than two individuals during a three-year time period;
  9. Kills an individual on a drug-related crime that comprises of a Schedule I or II controlled substance;
  10. Kills the individual due to being ordered by that individual’s boss who is found to be in a drug-related criminal association;
  11. Knowingly kills a woman who is pregnant with intentions to also kill the fetus;
  12. Kills someone under the age 14 when that individual is found to be above 21 years old;
  13. Kills someone on their act or attempted act of terrorism;
  14. Kills a judge so that the performance of the judge’s official duties is interfered, or;
  15. Kills a witness who is involved in a criminal case so that the witness is prevented from performing their witness duties, or from giving testimony.

Section 18.2-10(a)

Any sane individual above the age of 18 found convicted of capital murder, will be placed guilty of a Class 1 felony. The accused individual will be held for a felony conviction, life or death imprisonment, and a potential fine no more than $100,000.

Any mentally retarded individual below the age of 18 found convicted of capital murder, will be placed guilty of being sentenced to a felony conviction that involves life imprisonment, and a potential fine no more than $100,000.

Your Virginian Homicide Lawyer

If you have been found involved or suspected of a dispute that has resulted in that person’s death, it’s very much likely that you will be involved in a homicide case. This offense is a serious criminal infraction. In the state of Virginia, charges of homicide crimes may include DWI manslaughter, murder, involuntary manslaughter, or voluntary manslaughter. You need to consult your skilled and experienced Virginia homicide lawyer if you are arrested for any of the homicide crimes.