Prince William Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can become one of the most difficult situations in our lives. This type of contingency can happen to any driver due to many factors.  The accident attorneys in Prince William Virginia not only focus on laws and regulations, but also understand the pain, confusion and concerns of people who have gone through this stressful situation. We are aware of the irreparable damage that can be caused by a car accident and how difficult it is to recover for many of the victims and their families. Therefore, here are some tips to take into account

The majority of personal injury claims are for automobile accidents. Litigation for motor vehicle accidents follows the civil liability law, which states that a person must proceed with “reasonable care according to the circumstances.” If it is decided that a person has been negligent, he may be required to pay for personal or property damages in connection with his negligent act. The plaintiff, or the injured party, must prove that the defendant was negligent and also an immediate cause of the accident and the injury.


In the simple cases of automobile accidents, the insurance company of the responsible party indemnifies the injured party for patrimonial damages. In other cases, the police, investigators of insurance companies and courts intervene. For example, driving while intoxicated can result in civil and criminal charges.

When you have a car accident, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is essential not only for the person who has been injured due to an accident but also as proof in case a dispute arises with the negligent person’s insurance company regarding the severity of the injury. A doctor must diagnose the injuries immediately and record the medical information in detail.

Also, witnesses are a valuable resource in case a dispute arises about the facts of the accident.

Where possible, the injured party should obtain information about the other party (name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number and insurance information) and call the police to come to the accident site.

The location where an accident happened and the damage caused to the vehicle and the injured person must be photographed to demonstrate to the insurance company the seriousness of the injury.

By law, everyone is entitled to compensation for injuries caused by another person. There are two potential sources of compensation: the person at fault or the insurance company of that person. Generally, if the person is at fault, the insurance company pays the full amount or a large part of it.

When the injured party accepts payment from an insurance company, that person waives any right to initiate a new claim about that accident. This is specifically problematic for victims of personal injury who accept payment, sign such a waiver and, later start to experience symptoms related to the accident. However, a lawyer can demand that the insurance company pay current and future medical expenses.

That is why the participation of a lawyer can be very valuable in a personal injury case. In principle, it is convenient for any insurance company to resolve cases quickly and easily. A lawyer can negotiate with the insurance adjuster and eventually sue the company if the offer is not satisfactory.

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